Resources & Links

One of the first things people may have when they “come out” (or have someone the care about come out) is questions. Some folks have an easy time with supportive family and friends and they may even be knowledgeable on the resources available for someone identifying on the LGBTQ2S+ spectrum.

Others have a harder time with family and friends that may not understand their sexual orientation or gender identity.  So whether you are a youth, family member, caregiver, professional or just curious, below are some resources to help you navigate your introduction to anything LGBTQ2S+.  If you would like to see specific information on this page, please drop us a line and we will do our best to get the information added.

LGBTQ2S+ Definitions – Have questions about terminology?  This is a quick reference for basic LGBTQ2S+ definitions.

LGBTQ+ Resource Guide – This is the latest version of our resource manual for LGBTQ2S+ Youth, School Staff and Caregivers.

GSA Manual for Schools – A big thank you to CallOUT for their hard work in creating this GSA Manual and allowing us to distribute to anyone in need.


Need more information? We also have other helpful resources and links so feel free to take a look at the pages by clicking on the icons below. Check back on occasion as we add organizations or other information to our lists.